​The Monkey And The Turtle

A turtle once stole some bananas. He was carrying them along the hot dusty road when a monkey which was sitting high among the branches of a tree called out to him, “Give me a few of your bananas.”

“Why don’t you do as I do and have your own bananas? You are lazy!” said the turtle.

“No, I am not”, said the monkey. “Now, really, you have so many that half of them will spoil before you can eat them.”

“Then I shall throw them away”, replied the turtle.

The monkey decided to change the subject. “Friend,” said he, “do you know that it is very nice and cool up here, and that the view is very beautiful?”

The foolish turtle liked these words so much that he stood upon his hind legs and poked out his head. He gazed up at the monkey and said, “I want so much to learn how to climb! Do you think you could teach me?”

“Of course, I could”, said the monkey. “All right, you may begin,” said the turtle. He left the bananas and started towards the tree.

“Very well”, said the monkey, “but you must know that I always charge my pupils for their lessons. Give me six bananas and 1 shall teach you to climb up here where I am”.

“That is too much”, said the turtle.

“Give me four then”, said the monkey.

“No,” said the turtle.

“Two, then,” said the monkey.

“No, but I shall give you one if you’ll let me choose,” said the turtle.

“All right,” said the monkey, and he came down the tree.

The turtle chose a little banana and gave it to the monkey. The monkey ate the banana but it was green and not tasty. Then he asked, “Are you ready?”

“I am,” said the turtle.

“Take the end of my tail into your mouth,” ordered the monkey.

The monkey began to climb the tree and the turtle hang on to his tail.

Up, up they went until they were at the top of the tree.

Then the monkey placed his pupil in a crow’s nest, came down the tree and sat beside the bananas.

In a little while the turtle said, “I have seen quite enough for this time, you may teach me how to climb down”.

“Oh, no!” laughed the monkey.” I agreed to teach you how to climb up the tree, but you said nothing about the lesson which could teach you how to climb down”.

And the monkey took all the bananas and walked away and his laughter reached the ears of the turtle.

Maybe the greedy old turtle is still up in the tree, even now.

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