​The Most Poisonous Animals in the World

In Switzerland, in Austria or in Germany you do not have to worry about being stung by a poisonous insect or bitten by a poisonous animal. There hardly crawl and fly poisonous animals around. If you want to experience “a narrow escape” and get close to really dangerous animals you have to go to Australia. The Australians are proud that most of the poisonous animals live on their continent. Those who are lucky or unlucky will encounter the most venomous snakes, spiders and jellyfish in the world.

But which animal is the most poisonous? 

Which criterion do we take? For example, the criterion of how many people have died from the poison? Then the bee would be the most poisonous animal in Germany. Around 20 people die of bee venom in Germany every year because they are allergic to bee venom. But that does not interest the scientists. Their criterion is the effectiveness of the poison.


The most poisonous animal in the world does not look very spectacular. It has no fangs, no threatening sting; it can not even move properly - actually it does not look like an animal at all. It's the crusted anemone, its poison - the palytoxin - is the most effective and deadly poison. Not all crusted anemones produce it; just a separate group in a lagoon near the Hawaiian island of Maui andsome specimens near Tahiti are known.

Poison Dart Frog

The colorful poison dart frog comes second. It lives in South America. The natives of South America rubbed their arrows with its venom, to have a biological weapon. It is still a mystery how the frogs produce this venom or where they take it. Its venom is ten times more potent than the poison of the most venomous snake.

The most venomous snake on our planet takes a third position: the inland Taipan. It is of approximately a 2.5 meter long snake with the amount of poison in its bite of 110 mg. Theoretically, it isable to kill 250,000 mice. The snake is very rare and lives in deserted areas in Australia.

Inland Taipan

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