​The Present Continuous Tense. Exercise

Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous tense.

  1. She (not dance), she (swim) in the river.
  2. He (teach) his daughter to ride a bicycle.
  3. Why you (not wear) your new blouse?
  4. The airplane (fly) over the bridge.
  5. What your son (do) now? He (clean) his shoes.
  6. This kite (fly) high.
  7. It (rain)?~ Yes, it (rain) very hard. You can't go out yet.
  8. Why you (mend) those old socks?
  9. You (tell) a lie. ~ No, I (tell) the truth.
  10. Who (move) the furniture upstairs? ~ Father (paint) the bedroom.
  11. Grandmother (sweep) the steps outside her house.
  12. What you (write) now? I (write) an essay.
  13. It is warm. The sun (shine) and the birds (sing).
  14. Someone (knock) at the door. Who is it? ~
  15. She (ring) up to the embassy.
  16. Why you (make) a pie? Someone (come) to tea?
  17. Where is our little son? ~He (lie) under the bed.
  18. Can I borrow your phone or you (use) it at the moment?
  19. You (do) anything this evening? ~ I (walk) with my dog.
  20. We (have) breakfast much earlier tomorrow.
  21. Ann (do) the ironing today.
  22. Why you (type) so slowly? We do not have a lot of time
  23. Mother (rest) now in her bedroom.
  24. They (dig) an enormous hole just in the garden.
  25. They (repair) the old road.
  26. The children are very quiet. What they (do)?
  27. What you (wait) for?-I (wait) for my change.
  28. I can't hear what you (say); the traffic (make) too much noise.
  29. She (not wear) her glasses today.
  30. What you (look) at? Someone (run) in the street.
  31. Where is she? She (bath) the babies.
  32. The firemen (train) outside. They (unroll) their hoses.
  33. Smoke (come) out from the garage!
  34. An old man (sit) on the bench.
  35. Two boys (slide) from the hill.
  36. A woman (wave) from the car to me.
  37. The crowd (cheer) as the concert is exciting.
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