The Princess And The Frog: Reading

Level: A1

The princess is a young girl. She is very beautiful. She is in the wood. She can see a frog in a pond. The frog is ugly. She can also see a large castle not far away. The frog can speak. The princess can talk with the frog. They talk every day. After many days they are the best friends. The princess’s name is Esmeralda. She is the best frog’s friend. 

One day the frog says: “ Kiss me, please.” The beautiful princess can not kiss the frog. The frog is disgusting. “Close your eyes, and kiss me,” says the frog again. Esmeralda kisses the frog. At this moment she can see not the frog, but the most handsome prince. Esmeralda loves the prince. The witch can not cast her spell on the prince now. The prince kills the witch. They marry and live happily in the castle ever after.

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