​The Rooster: Story Past Simple

Many, many years ago the Rooster was very handsome. There was no bird as handsome as the rooster. 

“You are so handsome, you are so handsome. You have such bright plumage. Your plumage is beautiful. Your plumage is the best “- said the birds. The Rooster was a good bird. He trusted other birds. The Peacock was a very drab bird then. The Peacock liked the Rooster’s coat. The Peacock asked the Rooster’s coat for one day. The Rooster agreed.

The Peacock put on a beautiful coat. The Peacock promised to return the plumage after one day. One day passed. Another day passed. And another day passed. The Rooster called and called the Peacock. The Rooster raised his voice. The Rooster called the Peacock three times. But still the Peacock didn’t answer.

So the Rooster crows loudly three times a day.

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