The Shirt of a Happy Man (Past Tenses)

Level: A2

Once upon a time there __________ (live) a powerful king. He __________ (be) very rich. He __________ (have) everything he wanted. But the king was not happy. So one day he __________ (go) to speak with a wise old man. The wise man __________ (tell) him that he (become) happy if he __________ (put) on the shirt of a happy man. The king __________ (thank) the old man and __________ (begin) to look for that thing.

When he and his servants__________ (travel) they saw the grand palace. They __________ (meet) the Minister of this kingdom.

The king __________ (speak) to the young and capable Minister, and he asked him if he was happy. “Happy?!” __________ (cry) the Minister. “How can I be happy when I __________ (have) so much work to do and so many envious enemies who all the time __________ (want) to remove me from my high post? No, I am not happy and I have never __________ (be) In fact, I am one of the unhappiest men in the world.” They __________ (go) further.

When they__________ (go) they met a very rich merchant and __________ (ask) him if he was happy. “Happy?!” said the merchant. “How can I be happy if I can’t sleep at night because I __________ (forever think) about my ships. The pirates __________ (capture) my ships. I am a very unhappy man.”

The king __________ (visit) most of the capitals of the world, __________ (meet) kings, writers, professors, actors, doctors, and others, but they were all not happy.

At last he __________ (come) back to his own country. One day he __________ (see) a poor half-naked peasant with a happy look on his face who __________ (work) in the field. He __________ (sing) a merry song. He __________ (go) up to the peasant and asked, “My good man, are you happy?”

“Quite happy,” answered the peasant.

“Well, then,” said the king, “Sell me your shirt.”

“My shirt?” said the peasant in surprise, “I haven’t got one.”

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