The Trip to El Palmito

Elena lives in San Diego, California. Her parents live in El Palmito, Mexico. El Palmito is 750 miles from San Diego. Today Elena is going to visit her parents. She gets into her flying car. Then she enters "El Palmito, Mexico" into the car's computer.

The flying car goes up into the air. Then it begins to fly. It flies fast — about 350 miles per hour. Elena sits back and relaxes. She doesn't drive the car; the car's computer drives it.

When Elena's flying car is over El Palmito, the car goes down. Elena drives the car to her parents' house. The trip from San Diego to El Palmito was two hours and 15 minutes.

Is Elena's trip to El Palmito really possible? Maybe.

The man in the picture is building a flying car. It is almost finished. The flying car costs $100,000.

So, Elena's trip to El Palmito is possible — if she has $100,000 to buy a flying car.

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