The Verbals and Predicative Constructions

Open the brackets and put the verb into correct form

1. Each time mother tries to make the child __________ (go) to bed, he cries.

2. The man in the football jersey moved back, __________ (leave) room for the bicycles to pass.

3. He passed by so as __________ (avoid) seeing him.

4. __________ (Deafen) by the noise of the traffic, she hurried to get into her car.

5. __________ (Splash) with water from the puddle he decided (go) back home (change) his clothes.

6. It was not easy to coax my friend into __________ (do) hard boring work.

7. It is not for you __________ (choose).

8. She stood serene, with her laughing and __________ (part) lips.

9. He seems __________ (fool) us all this time.

10. The affection for him made her eyes __________ (sparkle).

11. They sat looking at each other without __________ (speak).

12. My parents can't even afford __________ (buy) a new refrigerator.

13. __________ (Wipe) his eyes with his sleeve, the child began to blubber out something unclear.

14. Seeing that service caused us __________ (stop) __________ (drink) tea and complain.

15. She seemed __________ (think) of her wedding.

16. I found myself __________ (wander) aimlessly through the narrow streets.

17. We happened then __________ (be out).

18. It might be easier to be out of work without __________ ( have) so many responsibilities.

19. There's nothing __________ (gain) by making a scandal.

20. I have the honour of __________ (receive) by the Queen.

21. It is not likely __________ (snow).

22. Wesat in silence, waiting for the others __________ (come).

23. The old man disliked his __________ (marry) sons asking him for advice.

24. The sound of the telephone ringing seemed... __________ (wake) every nerve in my body.

25. The child ran to his uncle to have a shoe __________ (tie) and a button __________ (fasten).

26. He groped very cautiously, as if __________ (fear) __________ (lose) the balance.

27. The telegram was a trick to get her __________ (come) home.

28. I walked up to the wood, but it was too wet for me __________ (go) inside.

29. I am whispering because I am afraid of __________ (hear).

30. But I don't like to think of you __________ (insult).

31. He confessed to __________ (steal) the money.

32. The scientist claimed __________ (learn) from the test that this was possible.

33. As you're in distress, it would be customary for me __________ (offer) you a hot beverage.

34. At first glance it seemed impossible __________ (get lost) in the huge garden.

35. I lit a cigarette and watched the red end __________ ( mirror) in the water.

36. He found her __________ (wait) in the nick of time.

37. She had something to say to him, but she kept it back for fear of __________ (irritate) him.

1. go

2. leaving

3. to avoid

4. deafened

5. splashed

6. doing

7. to choose

8. parted

9. to have been fooling

10. sparkle

11. speaking

12. to buy

13. wiping

14. to stop drinking

15. to be thinking

16. wandering

17. to be out

18. having

19. to gain

20. being received

21. to snow

22. to come

23. married

24. to be waking

25. tied, fastened

26. fearing to lose

27. to come

28. to go

29. being heard

30. being insulted

31. stealing

32. to have learned

33. to offer

34. to get lost

35. mirroring

36. waiting

37. irritating

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