​The Wolf And The Lamb

Level: A1

Activity: reading

There is a little lamb in the village. One day the lamb runs far from the village. He is in a dark forest. He runs and runs, but he can not find his way home. He is afraid. He is bleating. There is a hungry wolf in the forest. The wolf is glad. The wolf will have a good dinner. The wolf wants to eat the lamb. The lamb has a good idea.

“Oh, Mr. Wolf,” I know you can sing very well. And I like to dance. Please, sing for me, I want to dance. It will be my last dance before you eat me.”

“All right, I often sing before my dinner. Today I’m very hungry, but I think I can sing just one song before I eat you. Dance now! It will be your last dance.”

The wolf is singing a song, and the lamb is dancing. People in the village hear the wolf. The dog runs into the forest. When the wolf sees the dogs, he runs away. And the clever little lamb runs quickly home to his mother.

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