Three Daughters (Fairytale)

A king has three daughters. The king loves his daughters. The youngest daughter is very kind. The two elder girls are unkind. 

The king asks daughters “How dear am I to you?”

“You are dear to me like God!” the elder sister says.

The other elder daughter says “Oh, my father, you are dear to me as my own life!” 

The youngest daughter says: “Oh, my father, you are dear to me as salt and bread.” 

The king is very angry. He sends the youngest daughter into the woods. The two older daughters are happy.

The youngest daughter is very unhappy. She is hungry. She is thirsty. There are wolves in the woods. She sleeps in the tree.

One day she meets hunters in the woods. They take her to the castle. A prince falls in love with the girl. They plan a wedding.

The princess’s father and her two sisters are at the wedding among the guests. There are a lot of dishes on the banquet table. The food is wonderful. But there is no salt on the table. There is not any bread on the table either.

The princess’s father says: “The meals are not delicious. There is no salt. There is no bread.”

“Yes,” the girl says, “salt and bread are really precious.”

“Forgive me, my dear daughter”, says the man.

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