Topics in Questions

Age: kids

Level: intermediate


1. What do you usually buy?

2. Where do you buy fruit and vegetables?

3. Whom do you go shopping with?

4. Do you like shopping?

5. Where do you like shopping?

6. When do you like shopping?

7. Must you buy something for your family?

8. Did you go shopping yesterday?

9. When did you go shopping last time?

10. What did you buy in the clothes shop?

11. What did you buy in the optician’s?

12. What did you buy in the jeweller’s?

13. What did you buy in the florist’s?

14. How often do you buy earrings, necklaces, rings?

15. How often do you buy pets?

16. How often do you buy shoes?

17. What are you going to buy tomorrow?


1. What is your favourite sport?

2. How often do you go in for sport?

3. Must you do morning exercises every day?

4. Do you take part in different competitions?

5. Must you go in for sport every day?6. When did you play football last time?

7. When were you at the stadium last time?

8. Whom did you play badminton yesterday with?

9. What is the most dangerous sport in the world?

10. Who is your favourite sportsman?

11. How many Physical Education lessons did you have last week?

12. How often do you go in for sport?

13. Why do you go in for sport?

14. Are you going to go in for dangerous kind of sport?

Festivals around the world

1. What is your favourite festival? Why do you like it?

2. Which festival happens in winter?

3. When is the autumn festival?

4. How often do you visit different festivals?

5. Is it interesting for you to visit festivals? Why?

6. Where do you celebrate festivals?

7. When do you celebrate festivals?

8. What do people do on different festivals?

9. What do musicians, actors, fire blowers and other people do on the festivals?

10. How often do festivals happen in your city?

11. Must you visit any festivals?

12. Which festival did you visit last time?

13. When was the last festival in your city?

14. Did you like the last festival? Why?

15. Are you going to visit new festivals in your city or country?

16. Are you going to visit festivals abroad?


1. What is your favourite school subject?

2. How many school subjects have you got at school?

3. How many lessons have you got every day?

4. What lessons did you have yesterday?

5. What was the first lesson yesterday?

6. What subject is the most interesting for you?

7. What school subject is the most boring for you?

8. What did you do at school yesterday?

9. What subjects are you going to study?

10. Do you follow school rules?

11. How often do you do your homework?

12. What did you do on break yesterday?

Street shows

1. Do you like street shows? Why?

2. When did you see street show last time?

3. Was this street show interesting?

4. Who is on the street shows? (stilt walker, puppeteer…)

5. What does puppeteer do?

6. What does fire blower do?

7. How often do you see street shows in our city?

8. Would you like to be a fire blower?

9. What did stilt walker do?

10. Must you visit street shows?

11. Are you going to visit a street show?

Street shows 2

1.What do people do in the city streets?

2.What are there in your town streets?

3.What does a juggler do?

4.What does a juggler wear?

5.What does a juggler juggle with?

6.How does a juggler juggle?

7.Did you see a fire show? What was it like?

8.Why must a fire blower be careful?

9.What is a stilt walker like? Does he look funny?

10.Is stilt walking easy? Why?

11.Why must a stilt walker keep balance?

12.What does a puppeteer do?

13.Did you like street shows?

14.Why must people visit street shows?

15.What street shows do you like the best?

16.What street shows do you want to take a part?


1. Do you like music? Why?

2. How often do you listen to music?

3. Must you listen to music every day?

4. What is your favourite kind of music?

5. When did you listen to music last time?

6. When did you buy your first music player?

7. Would you like to be a singer?

8. Who is your favourite singer?

9. How often do you visit concerts?

10. When did you visit last concert?

11. Are you going to but a musical instrument?

12. What is your favourite musical instrument?

13. Can you play musical instrument?

Places to go

1. What is your favourite place in the city?

2. Do you like shopping? Why?

3. How often do you go to the library?

4. Who do you go to the shopping mall with?

5. Which shopping mall is more expensive?

6. Which café do you like?

8. What café did you visit last time?

9. Where were you yesterday?

10. Must you buy different products for your family?

11. Where can you eat very expensive food?


1. What is your favourite fruit?

2. How often do you eat?3. What do you eat for breakfast?

4. What is your favourite dish?

5. Can you cook well?

6. Must you cook every day?

7. How do you cook an omelette? Describe.

8. Did you cook anything yesterday?

9. What did you cook last time?

10. How do you go to the restaurant?

11. Who do you go to the café with?

12. Who cooks in your family the most delicious dishes?

My working day

1. When do you get up?

2. Must you get up very early every day?

3. How often do you go to school?

4. What did you do yesterday?

5. What must you do after classes?

6. How often do you help your mother?

7. What do you like to do?

8. When do you go to bed?

9. When did you help your mother last time?

10. When did you cook last time?

11. Can you cook well?

At the zoo

1. How often do you go to the zoo?

2. When did you visit the zoo last time?

3. Do you like to go to the zoo?

4. What is your favourite animal?

5. What must you do in the zoo?

6. What mustn’t you do in the zoo?

7. What did you do in the zoo last time?

8. What can animals do in the zoo?

9. What do you do in the zoo?

10. Who o you go to the zoo with?

The first day at school

1.You were at a new school yesterday. Speak about your first day at school. What was your teacher’s name? What was the first /second/ third/ fourth/ fifth lesson? What was it like? When was the first lesson? Where were you at a break? What did you do?

2.Where were the children today?

3.Who was their teacher?

4.What was there on the wall?

5.Was the first lesson at quarter past eight?

6.Was English the first lesson?

7.Were the sums easy?

8.What was the second lesson?

9.Was Science interesting?

10.Was English easy or difficult?

11.What was there on the board?

12.What time was a break?

13.Where was Sports?

14.What did you do at your last Art lesson?

15.What did you do at your last Sport lesson?

16.What did you do at your last Music lesson?

17.How often do you have Maths?

18.How often do you have Science?

19.How often do you have English?

20.What must you do at the lessons?

21.What was the fourth lesson?

22.What mustn’t you do at school?

23.Was Art a noisy lesson?

24.What musical instruments were there in the music room?

25.When do you usually do your homework?

26.Whom do you go to school with?

27.What’s your favourite lesson? Why?

28.What school things do you usually by in Office centre?

You are a helicopter pilot

1.Talk about your working day. What do you do in the morning, afternoon, evening? What do you do at the weekend?

2.A helicopter pilot.

3.A hospital nurse.

4.A lifeguard.

5.A fireman.

6.What does a helicopter pilot do?

7.What does a hospital nurse do?

8.What does a lifeguard do?

9.What does a fireman do?

10.Does a pilot fly a helicopter quickly?

11.Is a pilot’s job exciting? Why?

12.Is a nurse’s job exciting? Why?

13.Is a lifeguard’s job exciting? Why?

14.Is a fireman’s job exciting? Why?

15.What is difficult in their jobs?

16.Who wears a helmet?

17.What must they protect?

18.Why does a pilot wear sunglasses?

19.What job is more difficult? Why?

20.What job is more dangerous? Why?

21.What job is more exciting? Why?

22.Is it easy to be a nurse? Why?

23.What must a nurse do in a hospital?

24.Did you see a fire/ fire show? What was there?

25.What are you going to be in the future?

26.What is your friend going to be I the future?

Let’s listen to music

1.Do you like music?

2.Do you listen at home?

3.What machines do you know?

4.How do they play music?

5.What was the first machine?

6.How did Thomas Edison record music?

7.What did many people like?

8.How did families listen to music?

9.What do you use to listen to music?

10.Where do you listen to music?

11.Where mustn’t you listen to music?

12.Where do people usually listen to music?

13.What musical instruments do you know?

14.What musical instruments do you like?

15.What musical instruments do you have?

16.What musical instruments do you play?

17.Does your friend play musical instrument?

18.What is you favorite music band?

19.What is your favourite singer? What is he or she like?

20.What musical instruments does your favourite singer play?

21.What do you use to record music or sounds?

22.Do you listen to music at home/ on a bus/ in a car?

23.Are you going to be a musician?


1.What’s your favourite sport?

2.How often do you do it?

3.Which sport would you like to try? Why?

4.How many sports lessons do you have every week?

5.What is better: doing sports or playing computer games? Why?

6.Did you go to a sports match? Talk about it.

7.Did you win a medal in sport competitions? Talk about it.

8.Is there a sports centre near your house? How often do you go there?

9.Which sports are popular in your country?

10.Do you like watching or doing sports?

11.Do you like individual or team sports? Why?

12.Which sports are dangerous? What can happen (статися)?

13.Name seven sports which you play with a ball. Explain the rules of one sport.

14.Name five winter sports.

15.Name three team and three individual sports.

Rules at school

1.What rules children must follow at school?

2.Where mustn’t you come to on time?

3.Where must people be kind, helpful and polite?

4.Must students listen to the teacher every time? Why?

5.Must students do everything the teacher tells them? Why?

6.Why must students keep the school tidy and clean?

7.Do you wear a school uniform?

8.Where mustn't people make noise?

9.Mustn't you run at break time? Why?

10.Where must/mustn't people eat?

11.Why mustn't students argue with the teacher?

12.Were you punished (покараний) at school? What did you do?

13.Did you cheat in tests this year?

14.You mustn’t write notes to friends in class.

15.Are you a good student?

16.Do you follow your school rules?

17.What rules must you follow at home?

18.What rules must your friends follow in your room?


1.Why shopping in malls is very popular nowadays?

2.What do people sell in malls?

3.What do you usually buy?

4.Where do you buy, fruit and vegetables?

5.Whom do you go shopping with?

6.Do you like shopping?

7.Where do you like shopping?

8.When do you like shopping?

9.Must you buy something for your family?

10.Did you go shopping yesterday?

11.When did you go shopping last time?

12.What did you buy in the clothes shop?

13.What did you buy in the optician's?

14.What did you buy in the jeweler’s?

15.What did you buy in the florist's?

16.How high is this shopping mall?

17.How wide is this shopping mall?

18.How often do you buy products

19.How often do you buy clothes?

20.How often do you buy earrings, necklaces, rings?

21.How often do you buy pets?

22.How often do you buy shoes?

A trip on the Thames

1.Do you like travelling?

2.Were you in London?

3.Where were you? What interesting places were there?

4.What interesting places are you going to visit?

5.What is the most famous river in London?

6.What famous buildings must people visit in London?

7.What is Big Ben like?

8.What is the London Eye?

9.What is the London Eye like?

10.How does Tower Bridge work?

11.What does tell people about the Great Fire of London in 1666?

12.How high was the fire flame?

13.What must people do if they see fire?

14.What countries are you going to visit?

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