True Love

There was one king whose son fell in love with the beautiful but very poor daughter of a baker and married her.

For several years, the young couple lived in harmony and happiness. After the death of his father, the young king had to take his place - to occupy the throne.

Ministers and advisers in every way made it clear to the young king that he should renounce his wife for the good of the state. The queen should not be a common woman, so he should marry the daughter of a king of a neighboring state. Only such a marriage, they said, would ensure peace and prosperity in the state.

"Give it up, the most glorious ruler, because she is the daughter of a baker".

"The safety of your throne and subjects is the most important thing."

The ministers pressed the king so tirelessly that in the end he agreed.

"I'm forced to deny you," he told his wife. "You will have to return to your father tomorrow, but you can take everything you consider to be the most valuable."

That evening they had their last supper together. Silence reigned. The woman seemed calm, she continually poured wine in the king's glass.

Without a drink, the king fell asleep. Then the woman briskly wrapped him in a sheet, threw him on her back and went silently.

In the morning, the king woke up in the house of the baker.

"What does it mean?" - he asked, surprised.

The wife smiled.

"You allowed me to bring  the most valuable with me. And for me you are the most precious."

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