Two Empty Seats

Mr. Martin went into his usual coffee shop one morning, and sat on one of the seats at the counter. Many other people came in also, but most of them didn't stay long.

After fifteen minutes, a young man and a young woman came in. There were only twо empty seats at the counter, one on Mr Martin's left, and the other on his right. The woman sat at one, and the young on the other, but Mr. Martin immediately offered to change so that he and the young woman could be together.

«Oh, that isn't necessary,» the young man said, but Mr. Martin insisted. When the young man and the woman were side by side, the young man said to her, «Well, this kind gentleman wanted us to sit together, so may I introduce myself? My name's Tom. What's yours?»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. Where did Mr. Martin sit in the coffee shop?
  2. Who came into the coffee shop after fifteen minutes?
  3. What did Mr. Martin do when he saw them?
  4. Why did he do this?
  5. Why did the young man say it wasn't necessary for him to sit beside the woman?
  6. What did he say to the young woman?
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