Used To Do: Exercise

subject + used + infinitive

subject + did not use + infinitive

did + subject + infinitive?

Use the words in bold in the correct form.

1. I _____ (be) lazy.

2. I _____ (swim) a lot but I don't now.

3. I _____ (run) fast.

4. She _____ (drink) a lot of wine.

5. She _____ (go) fishing every weekend.

6. We _____ (play) every Sunday morning.

7. My _____ parents (garden) a lot.

8. They _____ (eat) out.

9. We _____ (gossip) at work?

10. She _____ (gamble).

11. Our family _____ (travel).

12. The boy _____ (ride) a lot.

13. I _____ (paint).

14. I _____ (not read) horror books.

15. I _____ (not play) tennis.

16. I _____ (not do) exercises.

17. You _____ (not live) here.

18. You _____ (not study) French.

19.You _____ (not run) fast.

20. She _____ (not like) Rock.

21. She _____ (not like) Romantic music.

22.She _____ (not go) out a lot

23.We _____ (not come) here for lunch

24.We _____ (not talk) after breakfast

25.We _____ (not drink) after work

26. You _____ (play) tennis?

27. You _____ (argue) with your parents?

28. You _____ (complain) a lot?

29. You _____ (play) video games?

30. You _____ (be) shy?

1. I used to be lazy.

2. I used to swim a lot but I don't now.

3. I used to run fast.

4. She used to drink a lot of wine..

5. She used to go fishing every weekend.

6. We used to play every Sunday morning.

7. My parents used to garden a lot.

8. They used to eat out.

9. We used to gossip at work?

10. She used to gamble.

11. Our family used to travel.

12. The boy used to ride a lot.

13. I used to paint.

14. I didn’t use to read horror books.

15. I didn’t use to play tennis.

16. I didn’t use to do exercises.

17. You didn’t use to live here.

18. You didn’t use to study French.

19.You didn’t use to run fast.

20. She didn’t use to like Rock.

21. She didn’t use to like Romantic music.

22.She didn’t use to go out a lot

23.We didn’t use to come here for lunch

24.We didn’t use to talk after breakfast

25.We didn’t use to drink after work

26. Did you use to play tennis?

27. Did you use to argue with your parents?

28. Did you use to complain a lot?

29. Did you use to play video games?

30. Did you use to be shy?

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