Useful Language for Letters of Application

Greeting a recipient

Dear Mr / Ms (surname), 

Dear Sir / Madam / Sir or Madam,

Opening remarks

I would like to apply for admission to the beginning of…

I would like to be considered for…

I am writing to apply for the post/position of … as advertised in…

I am writing with reference / in response to your advertisement, which I saw…

I am writing in connection with your advertisement in the Daily Star on May 11th…

With reference to your advertisement…

Reference to experience / qualifications / CV

I hold a certificate / degree in

I am due to take examinations in 

I have sat the examination

I have completed the following courses

My degree is in English 

I gained some experience while…

I am currently working as…

I have been working for… for the last four years.

I worked part-time for three years as… 

At the moment I am employed by…

My qualifications include

I have a diploma in…

I graduated from Barcelona University last year with a degree in...

Please find attached my CV.

As you can see from the attached CV.

Closing remarks

I would appreciate a prompt reply at your earliest convenience .

I look forward to meeting you.

I enclose further details regarding my education and qualifications to date.

I hope that you will consider me for entry.

I look forward to receiving your response in the near future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if / should you require further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.I am available for interview at your convenience.

I shall be available for interview any day apart from Wednesdays.

Signing off

(If Dear + surname) Yours sincerely,

(If Dear Sir/Madam) Yours faithfully,

First name + surname


Dear Mr Goodish,

My name is Audrey Dorval. I am writing this letter to explain my purpose in applying to the ABC Language School. My career objective is to work as an international specialist at a governmental organisation. To achieve this goal, I plan to attend a college in the United States to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

I earned my high school degree from La Sorbonne High School in France last year. I was a member of the International Exchange & Culture Club so I could explore my interest in other countries’ cultures.

La Sorbonne High School provides its students with a variety of international education opportunities including intensive English courses, exchange programs with our sister school in Ohio, and English classes instructed by native speakers. I had many opportunities to develop my English skills and explore my interest in foreign cultures by actively participating in classes and activities organised through my school.

I want to improve my English skills in order to be admitted to a college in the United States and experience American culture first-hand.

I am applying to your language school today for several reasons. First, your extension program will provide me with the opportunity to apply and be admitted to an American college or university. Second, your program has a very good reputation for its academic English classes. I would like to attend your TOEFL class to improve my TOEFL score. Lastly, your classes are small enough to encourage group discussion and provide students with more one-on-one interaction with the English instructor. I strongly believe the ABC English Language Program is the ideal place for me to achieve my academic goals.

Yours Sincerely,


Audrey Dorval

Write a letter to the radio station, applying for a job in the advertising department. List your qualifications for the job in the letter.

Use the plan for this letter.

Dear Sir / Madam

State your reason for writing.

If you are applying for a specific position identify the source of the information (a person, a newspaper…)

Describe your educational background and professional experience.

Say you are enclosing your resume and/or supporting material.

Thank them for their consideration. Say you are looking forward to hear from them.

Yours faithfully, (signature)

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