Using the Passive Voice

Change the sentences in the active voice into the passive voice.

1. We reached the destination at midnight.
2. Mother has lit the candles.
3. She instantly opened the door.
4. My roommates are treating me badly.
5. They have always respected their teachers.
6. The director is summoning all the employees.
7. The delivery service employees lock, strap and label the boxes.
8. A barber shaved me neatly.
9. Grandchildren charm their grandparents.
10. We shall have completed all the purchases by the end of this week.
11. They are deceiving you.
12. The nanny will dress a girl in a minute.
13. The terrorists blew up the bridge over the canal. You have arisen my curiosity.
14. They had published my novel by the end of last week.
15. Parents have educated them well.
16. The sublimity of your language admires me.
17. You are always neglecting making the beds.
18. Her sister was curling her hair when I came.
19. Your suggestion has fascinated everyone.
20. Mother had closed the shutters before the storm began.
21. The repairmen will have laid down the carpet by the end of the week.
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