What Goes Around Comes Around

An old man lived in a village and was very poor; but even kings were jealous of him, for he had a beautiful white horse. The kings offered a lot of money for the horse, but he did not sell it.

One morning he did not find his horse in the stable. The whole village gathered and people said, "You are a stupid old man, what did we tell you, why did not you just sell the horse? We always knew that one day the horse would be stolen, it would have been better to sell it, what a misfortune has happened!”

But the old man said: “What goes around comes around." Why speculate upon what happened, the horse is not in the stable, that is the fact, everything else is speculation, whether it be a misfortune or a blessing, I do not know because I do not know what will follow." People laughed at the old man. They had always known he was a little crazy.

But after 14 days the horse suddenly returned. It had not been stolen, it had broken out into the wild. And not only that, it brought along 12 wild horses. People gathered and said, "Old man, you are right, it has indeed been a blessing." The old man said, "What goes around comes around." Why speculate upon what happened, the horse has come back, you read only one word in one sentence, how can you judge about the whole book?" But people just shook their heads uncomprehendingly.

The old man had a single son. He started riding the wild horses. A week later, he fell off his horse and broke both his legs. The people gathered and again they judged: "What a misfortune! Your only son can no longer use his legs, and he was the support of your age, now you are poorer than ever!" The Old man replied, "What goes around comes around." , you are obsessed with judging, do not go so far, my son has broken his legs, but no one knows if this is a misfortune or a blessing."

You read only one word in one sentence, how can you judge the whole book?

People wondered. It happened that the country started a war after a few weeks. All young men of the village were forcibly drafted into the military, only the son of the old man remained behind because he could not walk. The whole place was filled with crying because this war was impossible to win and they knew that most would not return home. They came to the old man and said, "You were right, old man, it was a blessing, your son may be crippled, but at least he is still with you."

The old man replied, "What goes around comes around.", do not judge, you only know that your sons have been drafted into the army, and that my son has not been drafted, only God who oversees the whole thing knows if this is a blessing or a misfortune. "

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