What is Aquarian like?

by Karina Epelfeld

Aquarius (Latin Aquarius) is a sign of the element of Air under the control of two planets – Uranus and Saturn, they are born from 20th of January till 18th of February. This is one of the most complex and controversial characters of the zodiacal constellations, whose representatives are constantly in search of new sensations. The internal conflict was originally concluded in the sign of Aquarius – they always strive for freedom, new experiences, new information.

At first glance, Aquarians are kind, gentle and even diffident people by themselves. They are always happy to give to the aid, highly appreciate the friendship and love to explore the mysteries of life and of human existence – the philosophical component of their nature determines their off the beaten track view of the world. With all the contempt for material values, pathos and luxury in the heart Aquarians are very dependent on comfort, services and money, although their main ideology concerns the idea of equality of people and democracy as the supreme value.

Aquarians always aim at originality, which is expressed literally in everything – from the way of thinking to a way of life (views to the conduct of life). They do not flaunt their achievements, however they love very much when their identity is appreciated.

The main spiritual problem of representatives of this sign is the aspiration to absorb all information which is perceived as the supreme value, but not always there is a worthy application for this information.
It is significant that the craving for exoteric and irrational often leads Aquarius to such professions as magicians and artists. In addition, they feel art very well and differ in a romantic warehouse of nature.
Weaknesses of Aquarius – infantilism, inability to finish conceived, desire to reject the social restrictions and all frameworks, demonstration of the isolation and dissimilarity on others at the time of despair and misunderstanding.

Men–Aquarius are hyper responsible people who differ in their independent way of thinking at the same time. They like to take risks and experiments, differ in original sense of humour and light on the feet.

Men–Aquarius belong to their work or study with devotion while it doesn't begin to limit their freedom – they feel confident and comfortable in a situation when nobody imposes them conventions and standard schemes.

Women–Aquarius are direct, sociable, they are able to make an impression and to create the cozy atmosphere.

Women–Aquarius dress up originally and extravagantly and feel fashion very sharply - it is one of their strengths. They like the noisy companies, attention, special places for leisure and an environment of people, who it is interesting and cheerful with.

The symbol of those born under the sign of fraternity – the water–carrier, who generously share of life-giving moisture with people. The friend of Aquarius can be confident in his fidelity. Being a fixed sign, differs in excentric temperament, determination, obstinacy.

Questions to the text

1. When are the Aquarius born?
2. What is the character of the people who are born under this sign?
3. Are the Aquarians progressive souls? Why?
4. What is the internal conflict of this sign?
5. What do they appreciate most of all?
6. What are negative characteristics of this sign?
7. What is the symbol of this sign?
8. Are the Aquarians dependent on money?
9. How do Aquarius behave with their friends?
10. Do the people born under this sign parade their achievements?
11. What is the main problem of the members of this brotherhood?
12. What are the weaknesses of Aquarius?
13. What are the strengths of the Aquarius?

Discussion Questions

1. Do you know an Aquarian?
2. Do you like to communicate with this person?
3. Has this personality got the same characteristics as it is described in the text?
4. How do you collaborate with an Aquarian?
5. What is the best feature of their character?
6. What is the worst feature of their character?
7. Would you like to have a friend born under this sign?
8. Do you agree that Aquarians have different oddities? Why?
9. What features would you recommend an Aquarian to get rid off? Why?
10. What features would you like to borrow from this sign? Why?

Tense-focused questions

1. Are the people born under Aquarius visionaries?
2. Are the Aquarians progressive souls?
3. Are they freedom-loving?
4. Are they eccentric?
5. Are they sociable?
6. Do they always strive for originality?
7. Do they differ in a romantic warehouse of nature?
8. Do the men-Aquarians feel confident in any cases ?
9. Do they have an inability to bring their plans to the end?
10. Have you ever had any problems with the representatives of this sign?
11. Have you ever disagreed with an Aquarian? What consequences did it take?
12. Have you ever been keenly interested in understanding their off the beaten track view of the world?
13. Have you ever been offended by an Aquarian?
14. Have you ever suffered from an Aquarian’s obstinacy?
1. Act out a dialogue between a jealous Aquarian and his/her soulmate. The Aquarian proves that he/she made eyes at somebody while he/she was buying a bottle of water. The soulmate explains that he/she was playing the game in his/her cell-phone.
2. Act out a conversation between several people whom an Aquarian promised to finish the deal till that day and he didn’t finish conceived. Show the Aquarian’s eccentric temperament and his desire to reject the frameworks of time.

Controversial Ideas

1. Aquarians are truly the trailblazers of the zodiac.
2. Study of the mysteries of life of human existence is the avocation of the Aquarian’s soul.
3. Aquarians believe that their offbeat, original approach will win the day.
4. The element associated with Aquarius is Air, that means the rarefied air of the intellectual.

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