​What is On My Desk: Topic (Level A2)

I have my own desk in my room. 

My desk is made of wood and metal.

My desk is comfortable. It is square. 

I can read and write at the desk. 

I sit on the chair at the desk.

There are three drawers under the board. 

The drawers are wide and large enough for my copy books and albums. 

There is a laptop on the desk in the middle. 

On the right there is a mug. 

I like drinking tea when I am doing my lessons. 

On the left there is a stationery jar with pens and pencils.

Next to the jar there is a table lamp that was my mother’s gift. 

Next up on my table is my printer! I print out a lot of materials for my school.I also have my headphones. 

I often have online lessons, so my headphones are of great use, because they are noise-cancelling and, of course, wireless I need them almost every time!

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