What is the Aries like?

by Larissa Katiukha

The people born under the Zodiac Sign Aries are curious, energetic and enthusiastic individuals, who want to initiate and make things happen rather than being mere spectators. They are action-oriented. That’s why they are excited to discover new territories.

Aries have a number of positive traits.

A fairly common trait as far as the Aries are concerned is adventurousness. Not the ones to shy away from taking risks, the Aries at times push their luck just for that adrenalin rush. They are also courageous when the situation gets tough, the Aries still get going. An Aries will take the challenge head on. In addition, the Aries are the people who’d try out newer things in life. They like change of scene, occupation, activity. You may call them Jack of many trades! You will never find an Aries low on energy levels. They are very lively. When an Aries is around the whole environment in the room lightens up. The positive energy that the Aries possess and spread around gives them a psychological advantage over others and makes them quite popular in society.

Aries are passionate. If they are interested in something, for instance work, business, project, they will be totally involved and inspire others.

On the other hand, the Aries are insensitive of others’ emotions and they are arrogant. They believe that what they know and perceive is right. Moreover, they are stubborn. They have fixed opinions and they will not budge for anything in the world. That is why they are difficult to get along with. Other negative traits are impatience and impulsiveness. That is why many a times the Aries will not consider minute aspect of the matters and ponder over situations to arrive at a decision.

There is another danger. The Aries are enthusiastic and active, but their energies are often scattered in different directions. They need to harness their energy levels and be disciplined in order to succeed in life. They also have a tendency to leave projects mid-way. They are so excited about novelty that they can’t concentrate on projects for long, and in turn leave them mid-way. They are always searching for another challenge.

It is not easy for them to build a relationship. They tend to be confrontational and do not think twice before asking a tricky question which can hurt a person.

Questions to the text

  1. When are the Aries born?
  2. What do they want?
  3. Are they speculative or action-oriented?
  4. What is a very common trait for Aries?
  5. Are they courageous?
  6. Do they take risks?
  7. Do Aries try new things in life?
  8. What gives them a psychological advantage over other people?
  9. Is there passion about them?
  10. Are the Aries considerate of other people emotions?
  11. Is it easy for them to change opinions or yield?
  12. Are they stubborn?
  13. What are the other negative traits?
  14. What is peculiar about their energy?
  15. What do they need to succeed in life?
  16. Why do they have difficulties in a relationship?

Discussion questions

  1. Do you know an Aries?
  2. Do you like this person?
  3. Have you noticed the features described in the text in an Aries?
  4. Do you like this person?
  5. How do you deal with an Aries?
  6. Have you ever suffered because of their stubbornness or insensitivity?
  7. Have you ever been inspired by them?
  8. Is there a difference between a man Aries and a woman Aries?
  9. What is the best feature of an Aries?
  10. What is the worst feature of an Aries?
  11. What jobs are best suited for Aries?
  12. What Zodiac signs match with Aries in a relationship?
  13. What feature would you try to eradicate if you were an Aries?
  14. How would you benefit from your positive traits if you were an Aries?

Tense-focused questions

  1. Are the Aries curious?
  2. Are the Aries energetic?
  3. Are the Aries action-oriented?
  4. Are Aries sensitive?
  5. Are the Aries stubborn?
  6. Are they arrogant?
  7. Do they want to be just spectators?
  8. Do they avoid taking risks?
  9. Do they like challenges?
  10. Do they like stability?
  11. Do they consider emotions of others’?
  12. Do they ponder over situations?
  13. Do they finish projects which they start?
  14. Have you ever taken risks?
  15. Have you ever avoided taking risks?
  16. Have you ever felt mistreated or hurt?
  17. Have you ever failed to finish the project?
  18. Have you ever hurt anybody by being insensitive?

Descriptive ideas

  1. Describe an Aries with dominating positive features.
  2. Describe an Aries with dominating negative features.
  3. Describe the situation how an insensitive Aries behaves when somebody complains.
  4. Describe the situation when an Aries has a boring and non-challenging job.
  5. Describe a house/apartment where an Aries lives.
  6. Describe a hobby which an Aries has.


  • Act out a dialogue between an Aries child and his mother. The child is energetic, active but disorganized. He wants to do his homework quickly and go on to do other activities. His mum wants to teach him discipline.
  • Act out a conversation between an Aries and somebody who feels unhappy or hurt because of personal situation or trouble at work. The Aries is insensitive and believes that only their opinion is right. So he/she behaves in a stubborn and arrogant way.

Controversial ideas

  • Aries is the most energetic Zodiac sign.
  • Never argue with an Aries. You will never prove anything.
  • Aries know how to fix things.
  • More than any other sign Aries are usually prone to wanting to punch people in the face from irritation.
  • Aries have a special zest for life that is often contagious; for others, they are often an example for how life should be lived.
  • Aries do not waste much time analyzing about what the consequences might be. They are daring and stand tall for anything they believe in.
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