Difference: Join - Combine - Unite - Connect - Link

Join - conjunction of any degree of closeness. 

  • joined forces in an effort to win;
  • joined wires to conduct electricity;
  • the tap joined to a pipe;
  • joined rivers;
  • joined ends of the chain.

Combine - some mingling with corresponding loss of identity of each unit.

  • combined jazz and rock to create a new music;
  • combined nations;
  • combined clubs;
  • combined firms;
  • combined chemicals;
  • combined ingredients;
  • combined groups;
  • combined factors;
  • combined products;
  • combined activities.

Unite - bringing together with greater loss of separate identity. 

  • the colonies united to form a republic;
  • united countries;
  • united people;
  • united allies.

Connect - external attachment with little or no loss of identity. 

  • a mutual defense treaty connected the two nations;
  • connected electrodes;
  • connected to the electricity supply;
  • connected cables.

Link - strong connection with elements still retaining identity. 

  • a name forever linked with liberty;
  • linked questions;
  • link with the past.
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