Difference: Strut - Stride - Stroll - Walk


Strut – walk with an arrogant gait.

  1. The rooster would strut in the yard when trying to impress the hens.
  2. After he won the competition, he strutted to the winner’s circle.
  3. Having put on new jeans she has been strutting in front of the mirror for hours.
  4. After the boy learned to walk, he would strut about the house proudly.
  5. The groom couldn’t wait to strut onto the dance floor with his new bride.


Stride – walk with long steps.

  1. She strode across the room confidently.
  2. She attributes her record-breaking speed to the length of her stride.
  3. She strode into the room purposefully being assured that she would be the best candidate for the post.


Stroll – walk for pleasure.

  1. On lazy Sundays, the family leisurely stroll in the park.
  2. In Victorian times, courting couples used tostroll through the countryside.
  3. Tourists stroll through Trafalgar Square aimlessly taking in the glorious sights.
  4. The couples love strolling hand-in-hand beneath the sweeping canopies of the weeping willows.
  5. My favorite pastime is to stroll carelessly through the park.


Walk - move on one's feet.

  1. Our grandson is walking. We are so proud of him.
  2. He never takes a bus. He walks home from school every day.
  3. It's not far; you can walk there in five minutes.
  4. It was a while after the accident before she could walk again.
  5. He walked away without saying goodbye!
  6. She turned and walked away from him.
  7. The driver walked away from the accident unharmed.
  8. They walk around the neighborhood every morning for exercise.
  9. We walked around the city all day having nowhere to stay.

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