When I Hike

by Tetiana Shushvar

"The journey of a thousand miles

begins with one step"

Lao Tzu

A lot of people are fond of travelling. It is very thrilling to see new places, other towns and countries. It's very impressive to see beautiful sights, magnificent ancient buildings and temples. It's very interesting to learn customs, traditions and to meet new people.

One of the popular means of travelling is hiking. It is travelling on foot. The most important is to choose the route of your journey and fully plan the trip. Also it's important to decide how long you have to hike and where youwould like to go. You can go hiking in your native country or abroad. You can go hiking in the mountains. You can go hiking to the valley. You can go hiking through the forest. You can go hiking in your own city. You can go hiking on your own or with your friends. However, hiking on your own is more dangerous. Because something can happen while you're on the trail; so you've to be a little more cautious.

It's important to make sure you pack all the necessary items in your rucksack before you set off, as there probably won't be any facilities nearby. Take a tent, a sleeping bag and a ground mat to make comfortable surface to sleep. Take a map or a guide book with you. Use the map to keep track of your progress so that you know where you're at all times. It's also a good idea to carry a compass, and know how to use it.

Take plenty of water with you, especially in the summer. Take some food with you. The best snacks for the trail are ones that will provide you with high energy, such as fruit, peanut butter, bagels, power bars, beef jerky, or even candies. Also there are other different things that you should have such as: a first-aid kit, a headlamp or a torch, a knife, an axe, a lighter, binoculars and others. You should wear sporty outfit and comfy boots.

It's better to set out early in the morning. When you hike you carry a heavy rucksack all the way. You should stay on the trail. Do not cut switchbacks or take shortcuts. Otherwise you can be lost. When you are hiking you can enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings. You can feel yourself like Indiana Jones looking for adventure. You can take a lot of photos of sights. When you hike you sweat a lot and lose some weight. Moreover you can pump up muscles. If you are selecting the spot for a rest, get off on a used area or a durable surface.

You should put up your tent before it gets too dark. Be sure to pitch your tent in a sheltered position. Secure the tent to the ground with pegs. Finally make a fire and bake some potatoes and sausages. Enjoy the peace of the countryside. But please don't throw garbage on the ground. Carry a polythene cover and keep adding garbage to it, till the journey ends. Throw it in a dustbin after the journey. When you reach the end of your route you can be proud of yourself.

Hiking is an exciting and interesting means of travelling. It's also very exhausting, but it's the cheapest one. In spite of some problems enjoy your travelling.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What means of travelling do you know?
  2. What means of travelling are popular in your country?
  3. What means of traveling do you prefer? Why?
  4. What is the most memorable thing was in your last trip?
  5. Have you ever gone hiking?
  6. Where would you like to go hiking? Why?
  7. Is it dangerous to travel on your own? Why? Why not?
  8. Who do you usually travel with?
  9. What dangers can people face during hiking?
  10. What is the most exciting thing whilegoing hiking for you?
  11. What should you pack in your rucksack?
  12. How can government prevent throwing garbage by travellers?
  13. Imagine you're the forest ranger. What would you say/do to make some tourists clean after themselves?
  14. Imagine you've forgotten all meals at home and there are no shops nearby. How can you get food?
  15. What would you do if you get lost in the forest?
  16. What would you wear going hiking?
  17. Do you agree or not "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". How do you understand it?

Tense focused questions

  1. Have you ever travelled?
  2. Have you ever travelled abroad?
  3. Have you ever travelled on your own?
  4. Have you ever gone hiking?
  5. Do you like travelling?
  6. Do you like going hiking?
  7. Do you like travelling on your own?
  8. Do you prefer travelling in summer or in winter?
  9. Do you prefer travelling on foot or by car?
  10. Do you prefer travelling in cities or countryside?
  11. What kind of holidays do you prefer?
  12. What kind of clothes do you usually wear during travelling?
  13. What kind of transport do you prefer to travel by?
  14. What kind of things do you need for hiking?
  15. What should you do before you set off?
  16. What should you pack in your rucksack?
  17. What should you do if you get lost?
  18. What should you do if you are ill during hiking?
  19. What should you do if you run out of money during your holiday?
  20. Where would you like to travel?
  21. Where would you like to go hiking?
  22. Цho would you like to go hiking with?
  23. Are you good at planning the rout?
  24. Are you good at packing a rucksack?
  25. Are you good at putting up a tent?
  26. Are you good at making a fire?
  27. Will you go hiking this year?
  28. Will you go hiking alone?
  29. Were will go hiking?
  30. How long will you travel?

Descriptive idea

It is evening. You are in the forest. You are frying sausages on the fire. Describe what is going on, your feelings, the surroundings, activities.

Role plays

Conflicting. Imagine you are a ranger. You saw someone littering the garbage. What would you say/do to make the campers clean after themselves?

Conflicting. You want to go hiking, but your parents don’t want to let you go.

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