​Why Bats Fly Only At Night Reading

Level: B1

(A fable)

One cool autumn day a bat flew up and down crying because he was cold. The eagle, the king of birds, heard him.

“Are you crying because you are hungry, little bat?” asked the Eagle.

“No”, answered the poor bat. “I am crying because I am cold.” “But why don’t the birds cry?” the eagle wanted to know.

“They are warm because they have feathers and I am cold because I haven’t any feathers”, said the bat.

The eagle thought a little and then asked all the other birds to give the bat a feather each. When the birds gave the bat a feather each, the bat began to look wonderful. Each feather had a different colour and when the bat showed his wings everybody saw that they were really beautiful. The bat was very pleased with his feathers, and began to think himself better than any other bird or animal. He neither looked at them nor listened to them and flew about in the sky with his nose high up. The animals and birds did not like that. They all went to the eagle and told him about the bat.

“Why didn’t you laugh at him?” asked the eagle. “The best way to make somebody sorry for something which he does is to laugh at him”.

“At first we laughed at him, but nothing changed and we are very angry with him. That’s how he paid us for our feathers.”

The eagle did not like it either. “You are right,” the eagle said. “That’s not the way to thank you for what you have done. I am going to speak to him”.

So the eagle called the bat and said, “Little bat, all the birds are angry with you. They have given you their best feathers and you have not even thanked them. You think that only you are beautiful and you are too pleased with yourself. Remember that the feathers that are on you now belonged to the birds”.

“They do not like me because 1 look better than they. Just look and see for yourself,” answered the bat and showed his wings which looked really wonderful.

The eagle was very angry with the bat. “Yes, the birds are right,” he said. “1 see that words do not help here, they cannot change you. Very well, then each bird must take back the feather he has given you. If you are as beautiful as you think, you can go without the birds’ feathers.”

And each bird flew up to the bat and took its feather. So there is not a feather on the bat now. The bat is so angry with the birds that from that day on he has flown only at night not to meet any of them.

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