Work Conversation Questions


  1. What is your occupation?
  2. What is your trade (profession)?
  3. What is your regular business?
  4. I work at (in) a factory (in an office).
  5. I work in the capacity of an engineer.
  6. I entered upon office a year ago.
  7. Who is in charge of your department?
  8. What office does Mr. N. hold?
  9. Have you a big personnel (staff)?
  10. He is something in the Ministry.
  11. Oh, he's a big pot (cheese, shot, wheel). (coll.)
  12. He has been promoted.
  13. He's a place hunter.
  14. He’s a job jumper.
  15. What are your hours of attendance?
  16. From 9 till 5.
  17. We have a seven-hour shift at our work.
  18. I’m on duty now.
  19. I have a full (short, part) time job.
  20. I'm on full time (I’m a full- timer).
  21. I'm on half time (I'm a half- timer).
  22. I'm on half-pay.
  23. I work by the day.
  24. I'm on piece-work (I'm paid by the piece.)
  25. Some business calls me to N.
  26. I shall be commissioned to N.
  27. I'm on leave now.
  28. I want to get an extension of leave of absence.
  29. I'm on vacation now.
  30. He is now vacationing in N.
  31. I have this day off.
  32. I'm on my sick-leave now.
  33. What do you do at odd times?
  34. When do you knock off work?
  35. It's time for a break.


  1. He has ceased working there.
  2. I have no notion of resigning.
  3. She was dismissed owing to reduction of staff.
  4. He had had his notice.
  5. He got the boot (sack). (coll.)
  6. He was discharged (fired, laId off).
  7. It's time for him to retire.
  8. He was (got) pensioned off last year.


  1. I’m out of work (job) now.
  2. I'm looking (hunting, on the look out) for a job.
  3. Is there an opening (a vacancy) for a fitter there?
  4. The post is still open.
  5. Have you taken up the job as a turner?
  6. Why don’t you send (put) in an application?


  1. He is a good (old) hand at (in) that.
  2. He is an experienced worker.
  3. Let me try my hand at it.
  4. He is a poor (bad) hand at this.
  5. He is not equal to this task.
  6. I'm out of practice.
  7. He always does it by halves.
  8. He idled away the whole day.
  9. He is an idler.
  10. He shirks work.
  11. He's just killing the time.
  12. And he wouldn't stir a finger.
  13. He works by fits and starts.
  14. He is negligent of his duties.
  15. I have pressing business.
  16. Today I'm facing a busy day.
  17. There's heaps of work awaiting me.
  18. I've a number of things to do.
  19. I have to wade through a pile of copy-books.
  20. He was up to the elbows (ears, collar) in work when I came to him.
  21. I've had a very tiring day today.


  1. Your wages run from the 1st of February.
  2. What is the pay? (What are the wages?)
  3. Is it a well-paid job?
  4. He gets (earns, makes) — pounds a week.
  5. Tomorrow is the pay-day.
  6. Our wages were scaled down (raised).
  7. Have you got your travelling expenses?
  8. He is underpaId.
  9. Do you earn your daily bread?
  10. Yours is easy money.
  11. He lives in easy circumstances.
  12. I feel secure about the future.
  13. He lives above (beyond) his means.
  14. They live fast.
  15. They live in plenty (well-off).
  16. I always tuck a few roubles away.
  17. They are well-to-do people.
  18. He can't make both ends meet.
  19. I'm in reduced circumstances now.
  20. I wasn't born in the lap of luxury.
  21. They always had to cut and contrive.
  22. They were in want of everything.
  23. He has a large family to keep (support).
  24. Our wants are few.
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