Worksheet "​Ideal Routine" (Present Simple)

by Inna Kovtutska

Age: 10 plus

Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate

Concerns: Present Simple, verbs, habits


Students work in pairs.

Both students have a list of actions.

Students tick most favourite actions they would like to do in everyday life. There should be ticked not less than 10 activities.

Then each student asks ten questions to guess each other’s ideas: Do you read exciting books every day?

The one who has guessed all the ideas says: Bingo.

If students like this activity you may ask them to think of more interesting actions for routine.

to read exciting books

to find treasures

to clean a house

to visit new cities

to watch interesting movies

to fly a kite

to drink hot chocolate

to play computer games

to work

to play football

to surf the Internet

to go to school

to climb mountains

to ride a bike

to play with a dog

to roller skate

to play chess

to walk with friends

to swim in the swimming-pool

to go to the cinema

to go to the theatre

to play tennis

to go to a dance club

to embroider

to play the guitar

to take an adventure trip

to go for a walk in nature

to play the piano

to study a new language

to take a nap

to go shopping

to drive a sport car

to do morning exercise

to go to an amusement park

to go to a concert

to smile

to work at animal shelter

to eat sweets

to spend time with your family

to draw comics

to bake a cake

to collect something

to cook something tasty

to go to the café

to have fun

to save the world

to listen to music

to laugh

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