Worksheet "​My Dream House" (There will be)

by Natalia Shokot

What there will be in my dream house?


Stick to the plan and tell about your dream house.

Tell about the house of your dream following the plan and using the structures given.

The house will be situated near the ocean/ see/ lake/ in the mountains/ not far from the forest/ in the suburb/ in the village/ in the city centre.

My house will be (well-planned/ cosy/ comfortable/ big/ small/ neither big nor small/ spacious/ crammed up with furniture/ light/warm)

There will be (how many rooms? What are they?)

on the ground floor there will be

on the first floor …

There will be a swimming pool/ a garden/ an attic/ a balcony/ a veranda/ a green lawn with flowerbeds/ fountains ….

So, you can… in the garden(../../..)

All the rooms will be (use the adjectives to describe the rooms). The heart of the house is a…

Are you fond of animals? There will be A cat/ a rabbit/ a dog/ a lizard/ a spider/ a parrot/ a fish/ a tortoise

Is your pet a member of your family?


Dinning room

Living room


Bathroom and toilet

Your Ideas for ending

There will be a fridge/ a dishwasher/ a cupboard/ a cooker/ an oven/ a microwave oven/ a sink/ a table/ a stool/ a sink/ kitchen utensils/... in the kitchen.Why is this room special?

There will be a table/ chairs/ a china cabinet/ curtains/ a chandelier/ a vase/ family photos

How often do you eat there?

In my living room will be a fireplace/ a DVD player/ TV/ a sofa/ cushions/ a coffee table/ flowerpots /armchairs/ a carpet/ picture/ build – in-furniture

How do you spend your time in this room?

In my bedroom you can see a bookshelf/ a table/ a computer/ a

dressing table/ a lamp/ a wardrobe/ a single bed or a double bed/ a jewelry box/ a mirror/ a chest of drawers

Why is it your favourite room?

I like this room because it is...

A parquet floor/ a linoleum/ plastered walls/ a shower/ a bath/ a scale/ a

bathroom/ a

sink/ a mirror/ a bath mat/ a toilet/

a washing machine

Why do you like your house? Whom will you live with?

How will you spend your time out of you house?

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