Worksheet “Professions” (Present Perfect)

What have you achieved so far?

by Tamara Myshak

Age: 12 +

Level: intermediate

Concerns: Present Perfect, professional activities


Choose a professional activity from the list below, say as much as you can what you have learned and achieved in this activity so far. The one who has got the biggest number of ideas is a winner.

a body advertiser

a submarine cook

a toy creator

a soil conservationist

a furniture tester

a trash collector

an elevator inspector

a food stylist

a crime scene cleaner

a (dog) surfing instructor

a horse exerciser/coach

a live mannequin

a snake milker*

a professional bridesmaid

your choice

a pet groomer

a professional tea taster,

a pet food taster

a high-scraper window cleaner

a professional hunter

a pet psychologist

*a snake milker-extracts venom from some of the world's most dangerous snakes, like rattlesnakes and cobras.

Example: I am a pet food taster. I have eaten 10 kg of pet food this year.

I have been to a hospital twice so far. I have learned to differ good bad pet food from bad pet food. I have thrown 20 kg of bad pet food away, and so on.

I have become a professional photographer.

  • I have been a photographer all my life.
  • I have had this hobby since childhood.
  • I have always loved taking photos.
  • I have made a career of a photographer.
  • I have always wanted to earn good money for my work.
  • I have studied in the art college with a photography focus.
  • I have taught myself about photography from books and experimentation.
  • I have also learned from professionals.
  • I have tried a lot of equipment to take the best high-quality photos.
  • I have practiced extensively at home.
  • I have experimented with light and shadow.
  • I have tried different settings on my camera.
  • I have read a lot of books, magazines, and online articles for the most up-to-date information on camera settings, tips, and tricks.
  • I have built a complete portfolio of my pictures to show.
  • I have worked for the most famous companies.
  • I have started my own photography business so far!
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