Worksheet “Shopping” (Present Continuous)

by Larissa Katiukha

Age: 11 – 12

Level: pre-intermediate

Concerns: Present Continuous, describing goods in the mall, shopping


  • Students work in pairs. Both students have a list of things at the mall.
  • Students tick five nicest or trendiest things (the most wanted things) in different departments.
  • Each student asks ten questions to guess what the other person is buying: Are you buying a nice turquoise wrap-over dress?
  • If a student guesses all the five things, they can say Bingo.
A nice turquoise wrap-over dress A pair of hiking boots A set of shiny cutlery A loose anorak A blue V-neck cardigan
An automatic filter coffee maker A pair of trendy running shoes A shoulder bag with a zip A convenient average-size suitcase A desk lamp
Tight-fitting navy jeans A modern electric cooker A heavy dark parka A set of kitchen utensils A pair of fishnet stockings
A cream formal shirt A pair of casual shoes A pair of knitted gloves A reversible jacket A male cardigan
A pair of baggy slacks A black backless dress A leather belt A brown wallet A red and white striped umbrella
A purple cotton bath towel A purple cotton bath towel Up-to-date telephone accessories A razor Liquid mascara
A bottle of perfume A trendy tracksuit A long-sleeved shirt Delicate powder blush A long-wear eyeliner
A crystal vase A modern LCD TV A nice china tea set A pretty swimsuit A best-selling book
Amazing shopaholics.