​World Without Plastic: Second Conditional

Level: B2

Plastic is a chemically changed natural gas. Plastic was invented in 1870s but massive production started only in the 1950s. What would our world be like if plastic wasn’t invented? If there wasn’t plastic the liquids in our paper cups would spill. Tea bags wouldn’t be available if people lived without plastic. If plastic didn’t exist, we would store all our products in glass or paper containers. If that was the case, all our food would spoil quickly and it wouldn’t be easy to transport it into long distances. 

Additionally, if world lacked plastic, we would cut down more trees for paper and if their number reduced dramatically there would be an oxygen shortage. Moreover, if we didn’t have plastic packaging we would only eat seasonal fruits and veggies. If people didn’t invent plastic all our crops would grow on local farms. A world without plastic would see a rise of organic food production. If societies had healthier diets they would arguably suffer from less diseases. 

However, if plastic was illuminated, a problem of organic waste would appear. If no plastic was possible, only natural fibers would be available to produce clothes. With that in mind, if no-plastic era came polyester, nylon, acrylic and fleece garments wouldn’t exist and heat and water resistant wear would also be out of question. If people didn’t pioneer plastic, they wouldn’t be able to build a present day computer or phone: all our laptops would become considerably heavy without light plastic components. If people didn’t discover plastic personal hygiene as we know it today would change as well because even toothbrushes rely on it. But on the other end, it would be difficult to mass produce weapons, besides if scientists came up with viable alternative to plastic humanity would save thousands of marine animal species.


  1. Discuss the text with a partner. Which of the facts about plastic you didn’t know before?
  2. Divide yourself into groups of lobbyists and opponents of plastic use. Provide your arguments. Which arguments were stronger?
  3. Critical thinking. How would the world change if plastic alternative was created today?


Plastic: good or bad? 

Write an argumentative essay. Your essay should be of 3 part:

Argument How do you think and why?
Counterargument What different opinions can other people have? Why do they think that?
Rebuttal Why what you say is stronger?

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