Yawning Is Contagious

Chen works at a restaurant in the daytime, in the evening he goes to an adult school. He is learning English at the adult school.

This evening Chen's class is reading a story. The story is interesting, and Chen wants to read it. But Chen is tired; he can't read. He yawns loudly.

Sofia is sitting next to Chen. She sees Chen yawn. She yawns, too.

Ali is sitting behind Chen. Ali hears Chen yawn. Ali yawns, too.

Chen is yawning because he is tired. But Sofia and Ali aren't tired. Why are they yawning?

Sofia and Ali are yawning because yawning is contagious. When one person yawns, other people yawn, too.

On this page there is a photo of a woman. The woman is yawning. Look at the photo for 30 seconds. DO NOT YAWN! Ready? Go!

Can you look at the picture and not yawn? Most people can't. When most people look at the photo, they yawn. Yawning is very contagious!

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