​A Cut above the Rest: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Tim Burton’s modern classic, ‘Edward Scissor hands’, has finally made its (0)        B        way onto the stage! Theatre producer, Matthew Bourne, brings us a theatrical adaptation that is guaranteed to (1)________ your breath away! (2)________ contemporary dance, spectacular scenery and a heart-warming storyline, this comic fantasy is a (3)________ treat for the imagination.

The part of Edward Scissor hands is (4)________ by Sam Archer. Edward is a young man (5)________ by a lonely inventor to keep him company, but sadly, the inventor dies, leaving Edward incomplete. At first, Edward lives in isolation but then decides he doesn’t want to be (6)________ all his life, so he steps out into his local community. Edward’s strange appearance is in complete contrast to the play’s white-fenced, suburban (7)________. What follows is a sweet and gentle story with a hidden depth; the struggle to (8)________ past people’s physical appearance and focus on their inner beauty. Bourne’s latest production has been well (9)________ by critics, some claiming that it is his best work to date! Many originally questioned Bourne’s plans to (10)________ Burton’s master piece into a dance production. However, he has managed to bring to get here brilliant cast of (11)________ unknown actors, who use modern dance to breathe new (12)________ into this gothic fairytale.

0 course way route road
1 catch grab take make
2 Joining Connecting Combining Mixing
3 true right real valid
4 presented played staged shown
5 created devised discovered produced
6 single lone sole lonely
7 situation surroundings setting scenery
8 see distinguish spot observe
9 collected obtained accepted received
10 spin turn revolve circle
11 previously earlier prior formerly
12 form life air sense

1.C; 2.C; 3.C; 4.B; 5.A; 6.D; 7.C; 8.A; 9.D; 10.B; 11.A; 12.B

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