A Fair Wage: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

What constitutes a fair wage? The (0)      A      of money that people earn is (1)________ determined not by fairness but by market forces.

This fact, however, should not (2)________ us trying to devise a mechanism for deciding what is the right pay for the job.

A (3)________ point for such an investigation would be to try to decide the ratio which ought to (4)________ between the highest and the lowest paid. The picture (5)________ more complicated by two factors. The first is the 'social wage', that is, the benefits - (6)________ as holidays, sick pay and maternity leave - which every citizen is (7)_________ to.

Secondly, the taxation system is often used as an (8)_______ of social justice by taxing the rich at a very high (9) ______ indeed.

Allowing for these two things, most countries now (10)________ as socially acceptable ratio of 7:1between the best and the (11) _________ paid.

If the ratio is narrower, the highly-qualified people who usually (12)________ heavy responsibilities may become so dissatisfied that they (13)________ emigrating (the so-called 'brain drain’).

But, if it is wider, the (14)________ between rich and poor will be so great that it will (15)________ to social tension and, in extreme cases, to violence and revolution.

0 amount size lot sum
1 by all means for instance in reality out of the question
2 admit prevent forbid prohibit
3 opening beginning starting commencing
4 remain exist stand become
5 results is drawn becomes is made
6 such so just like
7 ensured enabled entrusted entitled
8 engine instrument appliance apparatus
9 rate cost range value
10 require regard review respect
11 smallest least lowest fewest
12 hold wear carry bring
13 pull away turn out set off end up
14 gap space hole size
15 drive lead aim urge

1.C; 2.B; 3.C; 4.B; 5.D; 6.A; 7.D; 8.B; 9.A; 10.C; 11.C; 12.D; 13.D; 14.A; 15.B

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