A Famous Traveller: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Wilfred Thesiger's desert journeys in the Middle East are a constant (0) A of inspiration to all those who (1)_______ his love for the region. If you are (2)_______ in travelling in the Middle East, reading Thesiger is a must. Wilfred was born and (3)_______ up in East Africa, where his father worked as a British Government official. Although he left Africa to study in the UK, he returned in the 1930s to begin his own career as an administrator.In the late 1940s, he travelled to the Arabian peninsula to (4)_______ information for a locust control project. There he first (5)_______ across the Bedu, the traditional nomadic (6)_______ of the desert, who would accompany him (7)_______ two historic crossings of the absolutely (8)_______ ‘Empty Quarter‘ and introduce him to their harsh way of life. Travel and exploration gave meaning to Thesiger's life.

(9)_______ he was travelling, he lived as a nomad, visiting remote (10)_______ of the world, often on (11)_______ living simply among the local peoples and writing about his experiences. His books, more than any others, have caught our imagination and led us to (12)_______ the beauty and solitude of the great desert expanses.

# A B C D
0 source spring reason origin
1 keep share fall hold
2 keen enthusiastic fascinated interested
3 brought raised fetched reared
4 gather learn listen search
5 met encountered came got
6 citizens tenants members inhabitants
7 in on at by
8 vast big large extensive
9 While Throughout During Alongside
10 sides edges corners surfaces
11 horse foot camel bicycle
12 fascinate appreciate delight amuse

0.A; 1.B; 2.D; 3.A; 4.A; 5.C; 6.D; 7.B; 8.A; 9.A; 10.C; 11.B; 12.B

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