A Lucky Escape: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

This is about an extraordinary incident that took place in London a few years ago. It was a day (0)________ any other. On one of the city's underground stations, a train was (1)________ the platform.

Suddenly, a young woman (2)________ herself into the path of the moving train. The horrified driver slammed on the brakes, certain that there was no way to stop the train before the woman was (3)________ under the wheels.

But miraculously the train did stop. The first carriage had to be jacked up to free the badly (4)________ woman, but the wheels had not passed over her and she (5)________.

The young woman (6)________ out to be a gifted architect who was recovering from a nervous (7)________. Her amazing rescue from death was based on a remarkable (8)________, for the subsequent (9)________ into the accident revealed that the train had not stopped during the driver's hasty breaking. It was revealed that, seconds before, a passenger had (10)________ down the emergency handle, which automatically (11)________ the brakes of the train.

The passenger had had no particular reason for doing so, but had acted (12)________. Unbelievable as it sounds, he was completely (13)________ of the fact that a young woman was about to hurl herself into the path of the oncoming train.

In fact, the Transport Authority (14)________ prosecuting the passenger on the grounds that he had had no (15)________ cause for using the emergency system!

0 so like by such
1 arriving approaching catching advancing
2 leapt tossed plunged threw
3 crushed smashed broken squeezed
4 damaged wounded injured harmed
5 succeeded overcame survived continued
6 proved came made turned
7 breakdown failure outbreak setback
8 coincidence correspondence occasion opportunity
9 examination inquiry view search
10 taken handed pulled lifted
11 joins applies presses attaches
12 for a change by accident at random on impulse
13 uninformed unsure unaware uncertain
14 considered meant advised faced
15 noticeable expected correct reasonable


1B 2D 3A 4C 5C 6D 7A 8A 9B 10C 11B 12D 13C 14A 15D