Accept vs Except

Accept vs Except
  1. She excepted / accepted his present unwillingly.
  2. Eventually she was persuaded to accept / except an offer of marriage.
  3. Everything is arranged accept / except for the tickets and passports.
  4. I except / accept him as the greatest expert in astrology.
  5. Many men still have difficulty accepting / excepting a woman as a business partner.
  6. She never offered anyone advice, except / accept it were asked of her.
  7. Neat old clothes will be gratefully excepted / accepted by jumble sale organizers.
  8. He was naked except / acceptfor his socks and pants.
  9. Britain's reluctant to accept / except a proposal for a single European currency.
  10. We advised the newspapers not to except / accept the advertising project.
  11. Our uniform and berets were the same accept /except mine was blue.
  12. I don't take any drugs whatsoever, accept / except aspirin for colds.
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