Alike vs Like

Alike vs Like
  1. Twins, we are not always very much alike / like in appearance.
  2. The house looks alike / like a barn.
  3. It's alike / like when we were unmarried.
  4. She's not at all alike / like her mother.
  5. The baby is more alike / like his grandmother than his father.
  6. “Who is he alike / like?” “He's not alike / like anyone I know.”
  7. Boys and girls alike / like enjoy playing with the building blocks.
  8. The book and movie are not alike / like by any means.
  9. The well-scripted cartoon appeals to adults and kids alike / like.
  10. While the two men do look a lot alike / like, they are not related to each other.
  11. What will the cities of the future lookalike / like?
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