Allusion vs Illusion

Allusion vs Illusion

1. The title “Garden of Eden” is a Biblical allusion / illusion.

2. Allusion / Illusion is a statement that refers to something indirectly.

3. The illusion / allusion of the house made people think that all the things inside were topsy-turvy.

4. Helen included a mythological allusion / illusion about her ex-boyfriend in her song.

5. One of the requirements for a good essay is an illusion / allusion to a literary work.

6. An allusion / illusion is a false idea or belief.

7. Virtual reality creates audio and visual allusions / illusions of movement.

8. Floor-to-ceiling windows give the allusion / illusion of extra height.

9. She resents any allusion / illusion to her overweight.

10. I am hurt by any illusion / allusion to my failure.

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