​Amid vs Among

​Amid vs Among

Amid (amidst) + singular mass uncountable nouns or countable nouns with more abstract meaning

1. My dream home sets amid magnificent rolling countryside.

2. Amid a crowd were heard someone’s prayers.

3. There was a single white bird amid a flock of dark pigeons.

4. Children were changing classrooms amid laughter and shouts.

5. Amid much ballyhoo was the film a flop.


Among (amongst) + plural countable nouns, implies tangibility and palpability

1. The hut is hidden among the trees in the wood.

2. Among other merits of hers she is shrewd.

3. He has quite long been living among the poor.

4. This girl is the wittiest among her peers.

5.The naughty child is a black sheep among others in the family.

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