An Argument: Dual Choice Test (Level: A1/A2)

Circle the correct word

Once upon a time an elephant and a monkey had an argument.

The elephant was proud because he was so strong. “Look how big and strong I am!” he said. “I can (1) pull/to pull a tree down. Can you?”.

Now the monkey was proud because he was so quick. “Look how(2) fastly/fast I can run and climb!” he said. “Can you climb a tree? Can you hang by your tail from a branch?”

(3) At last/At least they went to a wise old owl.

“We cannot agree,” they said. “Tell us what you think of it. Which is (4) gooder/better — to be strong or to be quick?”

The owl said to them: “Do just as I tell you, and then I shall find out which is better. Do you see that great fruit tree (5) across/through the river? Go and pick the fruit from the tree and bring it to me.”

So they went to the river but the water was so swift that the monkey was afraid.

“Get on my back,” said the elephant, proudly. “I (6) shall carried/shall carry you. I am big and strong, and I am not afraid to swim across a swift river”.

So the monkey got on the (7) elephant’s/elephant back, and they soon got across the river.

There on the bank stood the big tree. But it was so tall that the fruit (8) hung/hanged too high above them.

The elephant tried to break the tree down or bend it down, but it was too strong. He tried to(9) rich/reach the fruit with his trunk, but the fruit was too high.

“Wait a minute,” said the monkey, proudly. “I can climb the tree”. And he ran quickly up the tree and (10) threw/throw the rich, ripe fruit to the ground, and the elephant put the fruit into his great mouth.

Then they crossed the river again and gave the fruit to the owl.

“Now,” they said, “which is better — to be strong or to be quick?”

“Can anyone tell which is better?” asked the owl. “(11) None/Neither of you could get the fruit alone. It took both the elephant’s strength and the monkey’s quickness to get the fruit. One crossed the river and (12) the other/another gathered the fruit. So, the best thing in the world seems to help each other”.

1. pull

2. fast

3. At last

4. better

5. across

6. shall carry

7. elephant’s

8. hung

9. reach

10. threw

11. Neither

12. the other

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