​Animals: Moves

​Animals: Moves

1. An eagle was ____________ high in the sky.

a) drifting

b) floating

c) soaring

2. Three baby birds __________ from eggs.

a) laid

b) brooded

c) hatched

3. Behind the window the hens were __________.

a) clucking

b) chirping

c) crackling

4. The dog ________ his tail friendly and looked at me expectantly.

a) flapped

b) brooded

c) wagged

5. The swan ________ its wings and flew above the water.

a) flung

b) flipped

c) flapped

6. We scared off some crabs and they _________ away.

a) shuffled

b) trotted

c) scuttled

7. The chickens are ___________at the grain.

a) puffing

b) pecking

c) gnawing

8. We could hear titmice __________ behind the windows.

a) clucking

b) cackling

c) chirping

9. Horses and oxen are used for ___________ the field.

a) ploughing

b) digging

c) guarding

10. A mosquito sat on his arm and the boy __________ it quickly.

a) slapped

b) smacked

c) stabbed

11. Ten penguins were _________ on the snow.

a) wiggling

b) wobbling

c) waddling

12. The monkey __________ and snatched the traveller's bag.

a) swung

b) flung

c) scuttled

1. c


3. a

4. c

5. c

6. c

7. b

8. c

9. a

10. b

11. c

12. a

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