​Asking For A Favour

​Asking For A Favour

Age: seven plus

Level: from elementary to intermediate

Concerns: going to…, asking for a favor using COULD YOU PLEASE…

Procedure: Students ask each other where they are going and ask for a favor to do. You can add some adverbs of time:

Where are you going in the afternoon?

  1. I am going to the library;
  2. I am going to the museum;
  3. I am going to the park;
  4. I am going to the shopping mall;
  5. I am going to the cinema;
  6. I am going to the language school;
  7. I am going to school;
  8. I am going to Africa;
  9. I am going shopping;
  10. I am going to the restaurant.
  • bakery
  • cafe
  • market
  • bookshoP
  • Candy shop
  • clothes shop
  • computer shop
  • butcher’s
  • grocery
  • greengrocer’s
  • music shop
  • fishmonger’
  • gift shop
  • toy shop
  • pet shop

Could you…..?

  • buy a book
  • bring a cake
  • order a table
  • take a photo of
  • ask about the first night/film
  • bring a souvenir
  • buy a bar of chocolate
  • bring exotic flowers
  • ask about a price of
  • give my best regards to...
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