Black Beauty: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Black Beauty: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

I don’t (1) _______ everything about the time I was very small. I remember a big field of green grass. There were a few trees in it, and on hot days my mother stood under a tree and I drank her milk. That was before I (2) _______ bigger and began to eat the grass.

There were some other young horses in the field. As we grew bigger, we played and ran round and round the field. We jumped about, or we went down on our backs on the grass and kicked our legs happily in the air. We were glad to be (3) _______. When I stopped taking her milk, my mother went to work every day. She (4) _______ in the evening, and I told her all about my day.

‘I’m glad you are happy,’ she said. ‘Play as much as you can. But you must remember that you are not (5) _______ these other young horses. They are all going to be farm horses; they’re good horses, but not like us. Your father is well known in this part of the country, and your grandfather— my father— was Lord Westland’s best horse. When you’re (6) _______, you’ll learn to take people on your back or to take them from place to place in their carriages.’ I asked, ‘Is that what your work is, Mother? Is that what you do for Farmer Grey?’

‘Yes, that’s what I do. Farmer Grey sometimes rides me and sometimes (7 ) _______ me as his carriage horse. Here he is now.’

Farmer Grey came into the field. He was a good, kind man, and he liked my mother very much.

‘Well, my dear Duchess,’ he said to her, ‘here’s something for you.’ He gave her something nice to eat. ‘And how is your (8) _______ son?’ He (9) _______ me and gave me (10) _______ bread, which was very nice.

We couldn’t answer him, but my mother showed him that she loved him.

He patted her and went away.

‘He’s very kind,’ my mother said, ‘and you must learn (11) _______ him. Always do your work (12) _______, and never bite or kick. Then he’ll always be nice to you.’

1 retain recognize remember review
2 grew developed expanded improved
3 alert alive awake animate
4 came through came about came across came back
5 like Such as so
6 elder older old oldest
7 operates travels drives directs
8 insignificant tiny little short
9 patted stroked touched slapped
10 a few some few any
11 pleasing pleased to please pleasure
12 glad gladly gladness gladden


1.C; 2.A; 3.B; 4.D; 5.A; 6.B; 7.C; 8.C; 9.A 10.B 11.C 12.B

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