China: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

All is not well in the state of China. Most people who (0)       A       an interest in China know that, in the days when all industry was (1)________ by the state, the workers had their basic needs taken care of. They did not (2)________ much, but they could be sure of a house or flat, health care, education and a pension.

This was the 'iron rice-bowl'. But what happens when the bowl breaks, as is happening now with the (3)________ of private industry and the end of the welfare state?

The trend is clear. In some provinces, fewer than half the workers are now (4)________ by the state. By the end of the next decade, at least a quarter of China's (5)________ will be privately or self employed. When this happens, China will need to look for ways of replacing state welfare.

Take housing. Foreign companies increasingly (6)________ housing in order to attract the workers they want. As to health care, the end of free medicine is already (7)________. Under the old system, if a state worker needed (8)________, the hospital simply sent the bill to his factory. Today, state firms (9)________ part of the fee from a worker's pay.

Some even (10)________ private medical insurance. (11)________ pensions are concerned, personal pensions, bought through life insurance companies, are said to be growing in number by 25% a year. Many towns are experimenting with pooled pension funds from all businesses, state and private, with workers (12)________ about two percent of their income. This (13)________ well in places with lots of young people and high growth, but in areas of declining economy, pooling means more people getting less.

Taken with China's other problems - (14)________ inflation, rising unemployment and an increasing crime rate in the big cities - it is not surprising that some people (15)________ the coming of private enterprise as a mixed blessing.

0 take give play bring
1 run held ruled governed
2 spend gain earn pay
3 growth inflation outburst addition
4 overtaken used requested employed
5 staff workforce personnel manpower
6 propose offer invite suggest
7 at present on time in sight currently
8 health cure remedy treatment
9 deduct reduce expect discharge
10 speak for insist on hold with take in
11 Although As long as Also As far as
12 combining withdrawing contributing receiving
13 works makes does comes
14 wide high fast big
15 regret recall regard respect

1.A; 2.C; 3.A; 4.D; 5.B; 6.B; 7.C; 8.D; 9.A; 10.B; 11.D; 12.C; 13.A; 14.B; 15.C

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