Choosing a University: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Derivation Test

Choosing a University: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Derivation Test

Choosing a university looks like a (1) _______ process. Before you start (2) _______ those university (3) _______ forms, consider the many (4) _______ that affect the “fit” of a university to your unique personality and educational goals. Remember that your first year is often a time to try a (5) _______ of courses, that aren’t (6) _______ in high school.

Have a look at the university calendars and read the individual course (7) _______ . You can also compare how individual programs are designed by different universities and the (8)_______ offered each year in terms of what students can choose to study.

Do you want a small or a larger university with (9) _______ to a greater range of facilities and programs?

Choosing a university should not be done (10) _______ on reputation. Be (11) _______ that reputations are sometimes out of date or (12) _______ , so first-hand experience is often (13) _______ . (14) _______ students can visit the campuses of their top university choices so as to try to get a sense of how you’d see yourself living in that (15) _______ place for three or four years.

The costs associated with (16) _______ university go well beyond tuition fees to include housing, food, books, supplies, and personal living (17) _______. These costs are different (18) _______ the type of program, type of university and the size and location of the school.

1 daunting daunted daunt
2 filling with filling out filling away
3 applicable applying application
4 variably variables varies
5 variableness variety varyingly
6 available availed availing
7 onlines inlines outlines
8 flexible flexibility flex
9 excess access accessibility
10 solo soul solely
11 aware awareness aware of
12 overstated understating overstating
13 benefited benefiting beneficial
14 Prospective Prospect Prosperous
15 particularity particularly particular
16 visiting attendance attending
17 expenses expensive expensiveness
18 dependence on depending upon depended from


1.A; 2.B; 3.C; 4.B; 5.B; 6.A; 7.C; 8.B; 9.B; 10.C; 11.A; 12.A; 13.C; 14.A; 15.C; 16.C; 17.A; 18.B

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