Christmas: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Christmas: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Christmas is the biggest festival in Britain and is celebrated on December 4th. The four weeks before Christmas are called Advent, and are traditionally celebrated in churches by (1) _________ a candle each Sunday during Advent. Nowadays, many people in Britain are not very religious, but they still celebrate Christmas. But (2) _________out — the preparations begin long before Advent. In fact, as early as September or October, you start to see (3) _________that Christ­mas is on the (4) _________ . The first places to tell us that we should be thinking about Christmas are the shops. People in Britain spend on (5) _________over 600 pounds (around $1000) per person on Christmas every year, and the shops (6) _________people to spend more and more.

Shops (7) _________up Christmas decorations and play cheesy Christmas songs or carols; and some shop workers wear Christmas hats. Some big shops on Regent Street and Oxford Street in London create wonderful (8) _________in their windows with moving characters, falling snow, colourful lights and music.

So what do people buy in preparation for Christmas? Well, Christmas decorations; Christmas cards to send to their friends and relatives; presents for their loved ones and paper to (9) _________them up with. And of course food! (10) _________from the special Christmas dinner of roast turkey or goose, people buy lots of chocolates, nuts and snacks for everyone to enjoy.

1 burning lighting turning shining
2 watch warn look put
3 omens signs marks dots
4 track route road way
5 average middle regular standard
6 assist support encourage suggest
7 get give turn put
8 exhibitions displays parades feasts
9 enclose case fold wrap
10 Apart Instead Besides Except

1.B; 2.A; 3.B; 4.D; 5.A; 6.C; 7.D; 8.B; 9.D; 10.A

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