​Cyber Camps: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

​Cyber Camps: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

by Donna Pianka


Every child must (1) _______ to enjoy camp life, as it makes children (2) _______ , and independent. It is important for a child (3) _______ a camp that suits a child’s age and interest. Modern kids prefer cyber camps (4) _______ will be taught everything about computers; these camps (5) _______ to foster a creative environment where children (6) _______ specific computer skills and the importance of teamwork.

The cyber world is extremely complex. So, you need to choose an area of your interest carefully (7) _______ for a summer cyber camp. For instance, if you are fascinated with game making, then you need to know for sure which aspect of game making (8) _______ you. Game making would involve various things. Knowing (9) _______ you wish to learn in this realm would thus determine which course or cyber camp is appropriate for you. Students, (10) _______ summer camps, (11) _______ to go on (12) _______ a college or university to gain more knowledge in their chosen field. A good cyber camp thus plays a pivotal role in shaping the precious pre-college years of a child’s life.

1 have allowed be allowing allow be allowed
2 most maturer immature less mature more mature
3 to be chosen chooses to choose choosing
4 so as to so that they in order to so as they
5 are known know are knowing known
6 are taught teach taught are teaching
7 while enroll while enrolling as enroll while to enroll
8 interested interesting interests interest
9 as which that what
10 being attended were attending having attended attended
11 observing observed has been observed have been observed
12 to attend attending attend be attending

1.D; 2.D; 3.C; 4.B; 5.A; 6.A; 7.B; 8.C; 9.D; 10.C; 11.D; 12.A

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