Eating Habits Conditionals

Age: 10 plus

Level: pre-intermediate/intermediate

Concerns: eating habits

Procedure: work in pairs. One of you makes up an if-sentence, the other one a result-sentence. Choose the ideas at random, only the matched sentences are counted. The pair having the most matched sentences wins.

If Result
eat only burgers not eat so much of fast food
know more about junk food be overweight
drink a can of soft drink every day be more natural and delicious
be less coloring in juices have rotten teeth
be less chemicals in chocolate eat nothing else
bake pizza without pastry smell more cacao
suffer from obesity have rumbling stomach
eat only healthy foods take in nothing except water
drink only water be hungry all day long
be a junk food fan be unhealthy slim
eat three times a day get indigestion
be health conscious eat in a restaurant every day
study in the healthiest school be healthier and happier
do more sport and exercises develop my healthy eating habits
be only healthy meals in a school canteen not to eat crisps every day
be a variety of healthy snacks at school canteen forget the taste of junk food.
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