Emanuel de Melo Pimento: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Emanuel de Melo Pimento: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Two thousand years ago the Romans tried to turn the desert into an oasis, to build big white temples and big houses under the hot sun. They wanted to turn this desert into a new paradise, but they (1) _________ . The water in the aqueducts dried up. There is nothing left of the Roman canals.

In 1777 a Portuguese explorer called Emanuel de Melo Pimento came to this desert with a plan to turn it into an oasis. At that time in history, everybody was very (2) _________ by new discoveries in science and technology and engineering. Emanuel de Melo Pimento was a man of his times, one of the new scientist-philosopher-engineers who (3) _________ that all the problems of people in the world could be solved by science and philosophy. He wanted to build a completely new city here, he wanted to build a completely new country. He wanted to call it «Pimentia», (4) _________ after himself, of course.

Emanuel de Melo Pimento had a lot of money because a lot of rich people in Portugal and Spain gave him money to go (5) _________ the world and explore. These rich people invested in Emanuel de Melo Pimento's journeys of exploration and discovery. Emanuel de Melo Pimento took their money and used it not to try and change the surface of the (6) _________ , like the Romans, but to change what is under the surface of the desert.

Emanuel de Melo Pimento wanted to (7) _________ canals under the desert, to make big underground rivers where the water would not dry up under the heat of the sun.

He failed, of course. Some of his plans still (8) _________ . They are very beautiful works of art. But none of his plans was ever (9) _________ they needed too much money, more money than even the rich people in Portugal and Spain gave to Emanuel de Melo Pimento. (10) _________ , Emanuel de Melo Pimento spent all the money on building beautiful buildings where he could live and dream of his new city.

1 destroyed collasped ruined failed
2 excited energetic promissory perspective
3 convinced accepted suggested believed
4 popularized commemorated named honoured
5 around beyond far through
6 land soil hemisphere ground
7 let flow pit dig
8 continue survive carry on existent
9 achieved consummit completed concluded
10 Besides Instead Moreover So

1.D; 2.A; 3.D; 4.C; 5.A; 6.A; 7.D; 8.B; 9.C; 10.B

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