English Around The World: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Teaching English as a foreign language can be a great (0)      C      to travel the world and (1)________ money at the same time. However, some graduates actually like the idea of (2)________ a career in teaching English, and there are numerous courses at various (3)________, from the basic certificate to the diploma or even the master's.

To find the right course, a good place to start is TEFL com -an Internet site with (4)________ of relevant information and helpful (5)________, including a full list of places in the UK (6)________ courses. The site also offers assistance to qualified graduates (7)________ finding work.

When deciding on a course, the best thing to do is to (8)________ at what your needs are. If you want a career in teaching English, then definitely find one designed for that (9)________ such as an MA or diploma; but if you want to travel (10)________ the world, then do a shorter course that will supply you with teaching skills.

Some countries will (11)________ people without a teaching qualification as (12)________ as the teacher is a (13)________ speaker of English. However, most countries now (14)________ a qualification.

It is advisable to make sure that the course that you want to do is recognised and that it includes a period of teaching practice. This is important in (15)________ people to be English language teachers.

0 form manner way method
1 gain win earn take
2 following chasing hunting tracking
3 levels categories groups classes
4 lot lots many much
5 opinion suggestion idea advice
6 taking offering proposing doing
7 to for in at
8 look examine notice see
9 function use aim purpose
10 over around in through
11 occupy work employ staff
12 soon long well far
13 native resident local natural
14 insist wait expect ask
15 planning organising practising preparing


1.C; 2.A; 3.A; 4.B; 5.D; 6.B; 7.C; 8.A; 9.D; 10.B; 11.C; 12.B; 13.A; 14.C; 15.D 

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